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Senator Zehnder visits Midvale Senior Center


-[Sen. Brian] Well, good morning everyone.

- [Sen. Brian] This is Senator Brian Zehnder and I'm here with Ken Donarski this morning. Ken is the manager for the Midvale Senior Center, and I was coming out today to visit with him and I say I need to get the word out about the Midvale Senior Center to our community because there are people here in Midvale that don't know a whole lot about it. So, Ken, tell me a little about yourself and about the center.

- [Ken Donarski] Well, I'm originally from Minnesota, in case you didn't notice the accent. So, I've lived here for twenty some years.

- [Sen. Brian] Okay.

- [Ken Donarski] And I've been active with Aging Services as part of the county for sixteen years.

- [Ken Donarski] Okay And I started at Taylorsville Senior Center. I opened that senior center.

- [Sen. Brian] Okay

- [Ken Donarski] Then I moved to Sandy, was there for five plus years.

- [Ken Donarski] And now we've got this one that's been going for about three years now, right?

- [Ken Donarski] This one, this building is three years old. The original one started back in '79 and it's in the park.

- [Sen. Brian] Okay, so what's special about this building?

- [Ken Donarski] Oh, this building is fabulous.

- [Sen. Brian] Tell me about it.

- [Ken Donarski] It's so airy, it's open. We specialize in exercise, is really what's great about this building. We have super exercise equipment so you really don't need to join a gym.

- [Sen. Brian] Okay

- [Ken Donarski] You can come here for free. It's free.

- [Ken Donarski] It's free to come here, my goodness.

- [Sen. Brian] Yes, we just ask that you be sixty and older.

- [Ken Donarski] Okay

- [Ken Donarski] Or if you are married to and have a younger spouse, they can join you if you join. If you're sixty.

- [Sen. Brian] So, I'm told they have a pretty good pickleball club here, is that right?

- [Ken Donarski] That is true. Very active pickleball club. They play five days a week.

- [Sen. Brian] Okay

- [Ken Donarski] And anytime that room is open, they're playing. The other great feature we have is we have our own chef.

- [Sen. Brian] Okay

- [Ken Donarski] So we do our own menu.

- [Sen. Brian] Their own chef and their own menu. Now I hear that Wednesday is salmon Wednesday. Is that true?

- [Ken Donarski] That is true. That's a huge draw. We have up to seventy some people on Wednesday come for lunch and, they come from not only Midvale, but they are coming from Sandy, West Jordan, Taylorsville, Murray.

- [Sen. Brian] Okay, all over the place.

- [Ken Donarski] All over.

- [Sen. Brian] And it's pretty inexpensive, I'm told. Pretty reasonably priced?

- [Ken Donarski] We ask for a four dollar donation.

- [Sen. Brian] Okay

- [Ken Donarski] Anybody from the public can come here and pay four dollars

- [Sen. Brian] Four dollars for salmon on Wednesday. That's pretty amazing.

- [Ken Donarski] Well, that's what I tell people. Where can you go for four bucks and get a good salmon meal.

- [Ken Donarski] And I guess we've got Jamaican days coming up real soon.

- [Sen. Brian] Tomorrow. Tomorrow is Jamaica days. = Yeah, that's awesome. So you can click in tomorrow.

- [Ken Donarski] Yes

- [Sen. Brian] What are you most excited about for the future for Midvale Senior Center?

- [Ken Donarski] I think just the growth and watching people age happily.

- [Sen. Brian] Yeah

- [Ken Donarski] That's really what I think. It's so nice to see people who come here and develop great friendships with people. You know, it's just like the gentlemen that you know. Those guys never knew each other before and now, here they are. They've become great friends. They socialize.

- [Sen. Brian] Yeah, I was just in the cafeteria recently, and I just saw a few people that I visited earlier this week. As we all know, this is harvest week this week and it's just nice to get to know people. So Ken, thank you so much for visiting and anything that you want the public to remember as they are thinking about coming down to this senior center? Anything special that would stick in their minds.

- [Ken Donarski] I just think the building is what sticks in their minds.

- [Sen. Brian] Yeah

- [Ken Donarski] It looks more like a building that belongs on the university. It's so amazing.

- [Sen. Brian] And the address is, just in case you don't remember.

- [Ken Donarski] It's 7550 South Main.

- [Sen. Brian] South main. Right on Main street.

- [Ken Donarski] Right

- [Sen. Brian] If they have more questions, what number can they call?

- [Ken Donarski] 385-468-3350.

- [Sen. Brian] 468-3350. Well thank you so much, Ken

- [Ken Donarski] Thank you so much.

- [Sen. Brian] Nice visiting with you today.

- [Ken Donarski] You too

- [Sen. Brian] This is Senator Brian Zehnder signing off. What a wonderful opportunity for people in the community to get engaged and to have social connections, which is really important for health. Until next time, you take care. Buh bye.


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