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Our children deserve safety at their schools. Changes are coming!

Well, hi there. This is Senator Brian Zehnder. I wanted to give you an update on some of the nice things that are happening in our schools to improve our safety for our children. As we all know, our children are truly indeed the future leaders of tomorrow. And I wanna give you just a brief update on some things I've read recently about some enhancements for our schools. First of all, there's going to be additional training this next year for many of our school districts. Training and more training. First of all, there'll be training on for the teachers and support staff on how to respond to a true emergency. So there's been a lot of investment in that during this summer. Second, there'll be a lot of training going on with regards to how to look for at-risk situations within our youth that may cause them to be sad, or angry, or a tendency to lash out. Many of you are familiar with the SafeUT app by now, which is an anonymous way that you can give information to a crisis counselor about a child that might be at risk for suicide. And many of the same issues with regards to suicide can also lead to violence at schools. Another thing that's being done is a what they call Run, Hide, and Fight sequence. And so when there is a situation, the first training method would be to run from the scene. The second thing would be to hide if at all possible. And then, finally, would be to fight an intruder. So training is very important.

Second thing is that many of the schools are having some redesign work done. In the elementary and the middle schools, for example, security cameras and doorbells are being placed to enhance the security in having one particular area only where people can get in. That process will take time and eventually that will also apply to other schools as well. But it's an encouragement as well, to enhance the safety for our schools. And, finally, there's a new app, which is kind of a neat app. It's called the Duress app. And this an app that principals, teachers, counselors, janitorial staff, they will all have access to that app. And so if there is a lockdown or an emergency, if that is called, then everyone will know real-time when that occurs. And so the communication will be so much better enhanced for those of us taking care of our children in school. So more training is coming, or has been coming, redesign of the schools, and additional communication and apps. So it's an exciting time I encouraged. And if you have any questions about any of these things, feel free to give me a call or send me an email. This is Brian Zehnder signing off for now, until next time. Have a wonderful week. Take care. Bye, bye.


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