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Shift from ‘Patient’ to ‘Consumer’ in Healthcare.

From patient to consumer. That's the catch phrase for medicine in the future. More and more people are becoming consumers in healthcare. And what does consumer truly mean? It means that you are in the center of the decision making for your healthcare dollar. There's going to be a lot more infrastructure, and information technology, and innovation. In this article that I read, we are going to digital and we are going to lower acuity settings. Now what does that mean? So digital means basically you're gonna have a sore throat, if you can imagine.

You're gonna type in how long you've been sick, the color of your throat, and your fever or your temperature, and you'll press on this app and the app will say, "Looks like you need penicillin. "Get your prescription." They'll be an app for so much of healthcare that hasn't been available up until now. And lower acuity settings means that when you have a serious health condition, you will be directed perhaps to an urgent care center or a cheaper location to get your healthcare needs met, rather than going to the emergency room. And as you know, emergency room expenses are astronomical. Other things about innovation. Innovation means that we do things differently and we do things a new way, and we opt to do it cheaper. And that's certainly happening in healthcare.

And, as you know, with all of our healthcare dollars currently being spent for increased deductibles and out of pocket expenses, we want to get good value for our healthcare dollar. Amazon is in the marketplace, and as most of you know, Amazon is an innovator. And so since they're involved in the marketplace, you know they're gonna be trying new things and that's gonna be good for consumers and for people that are spending their healthcare dollars. What is the biggest threat and challenge to innovation in the healthcare sector right now? It's culture. People don't like change. And you have to have leaders that are willing to try new things and experiment with new ways of doing things, because I believe there is always a better way. How can the government be involved with encouraging innovation? We need to make sure that we're having financial carrots to those that are experimenting in innovation. And I was very encouraged to see people want to see public private partnerships being involved with innovation and with decreasing costs. So healthcare systems must be looking to their customers. We are the customers. People in my office are the customers. We as taxpayers are customers. And we want to make sure we're getting good value. So I'm encouraged by some of the changes that are going on in healthcare and as a Senator and a physician and someone that wants to use a wise use of our resources, I'm looking forward to continuing serving as your Senator for District Eight. This is Brian Zehnder, I approve this message, and have a wonderful day. Take care, bye, bye.


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