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Senator Zehnder's "Letter Home"

Transcript: Well, hi, it's Senator Zehnder, Dr. Z. I wanted to give you a brief update on activities that we accomplished in September of this year. We normally have a fair number of committee meetings up on the hill, but due to a legislative academy leadership meeting, we had just a few meetings. As you know, I'm the chairperson for the Retirement and Independent Entities Committee dealing with all the employees in our state. So we did have a meeting that talked about updating the benefit package and the wages for our salaried employees through the state of Utah.That was a half day session. 

Other things you might like to know, the opioid summit meeting is coming up on October 12th, and that is a full day event. The first half day is for the youth, and the second half day is for the adults and other people that are interested in combating the opioid crisis that I'm very pleased to be on the opioid task force this year.

One thing that you may be aware of is there's been some recent negotiations with regards to Proposition 2. Most people do believe that the initiative, as it was laid out, had some flaws, and so members of the legislature, the governor, the church and others, got together to iron out a resolution and an improvement to Proposition 2, whether or not it passes at the November meeting. Balloting starts this week, and you may have seen on the recent Tribune article that Salt Lake County has sent out 500,000 ballots. So, if you have not yet registered to vote, you're able to do so. 

It's not very difficult. You simply get online, go vote.utah.gov, that's www.vote.utah.gov. You can register online through October 30th, 2018. You can also register at the county clerk's office, or you could even register at the polls. You just need a valid driver's license. Other things that you might like to know is I have been very involved. I've gone to 8,716 doorsteps in the last few months, and many of you have shared with me your concerns and your issues, and it's been so nice to chat with you about my common sense approach to dealing with issues that we are facing, and I think we all agree, we could use a little common sense right now. 

So, this is Dr. Zehnder signing off. Just want to give you an update on September activities, and don't forget to vote. Have a wonderful day.


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