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FROM GOLF TO THE BOSTON MARATHON TO CAMPAIGNING: Senator Zehnder Gets Stronger As He Goes Along!


Well, good morning. This is Brian Zehnder, your current Utah State Senator and avid runner. Many people have asked me asked me about my running and I thought I would just explain a little bit about what I've done and how I enjoy spending that time when not doing other things. I started running after my wife and I moved here and starting our residency program. And partly picked it up because I couldn't golf as much and I knew that I couldn't continue to be a real good golfer if I wanted to be a good father too because it took a lot of time. But I knew I could run early in the morning before the kids got ready for school. So, that's kinda part of the reason I took up running. 

I started running longer and longer distances and then I became a marathon runner. And probably I guess, one of my biggest claims to fame is having run in the Boston Marathon in 2004. I subsequently ran again three more times at the Boston race. One of the fun things that I did when my kids were young is, I would take one of them, one of my three children and we would go to a location for the weekend. Whether it would be, Chicago, New York, St. George, other locations that we'd run in the race, in the mornings. Then we'd spend the rest of the weekend together, just doing fun activities. And each of my children got to do neat things and see pretty cool places. 

In the process, I got many, many, dozens and dozens, probably hundreds of T-shirts because that's what they give you when you go to one of those races. So, we made a couple of quilts out of those. Of course, you get a lot of medals when you go to races like this. And so over the years, I've collected the medals and what I do now with them is, I give them to kids in my office when they've successfully completed getting stitches. Or, having done something else that's really cool that we can celebrate when they come to the doctor's office. Maybe it's getting some shots they didn't really want for school so I give them a medal, which is kind of a lot of fun. 

Usually when I'm out running for distances between five and ten miles, I can do pretty well with, what's called a handheld. When you put fluid in here and maybe a breakfast bar or something like that to keep you going. On longer runs, when I run between, usually between you know, 15 and 20 miles or so, I wear one of these CamelBaks. And the CamelBaks can hold up to a liter of fluid. And I usually put other things in here, like band-aids or other things in case I get injured during the run where I can have that on hand. And then lastly, one of the things I've done in the last few years is I do, my favorite thing to do is called a multi-stage race, where you actually carry everything on your back for a week, up to a week at a time. 

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Leadership quotes for the day and encouragement for tomorrow!


Hello, this is Brian Zehnder your current Utah state senator. Today is a day of catch up and reflection on life in general. I've got a book that I really enjoy reading it's called Leadership Proverbs: Wisdom for Today's Leaders. And there were two things that really stood out to me today. Number one was the quote "leaders incessantly facilitate "continuous change, realizing that the world around them "is constantly changing." And that is so important as you know in our state right now with all the growth that we're experiencing it's a good problem, but it is a problem. 

We're working on obviously developing some solutions for the infrastructure and the growth that we're experiencing in our state. Also with health issues and education these are all changes that we are currently struggling with and I look forward to dealing with the opiod task force and cannabis legislation and things of that next year. The second quote that I read that it was also really helpful especially apropos to the next few days is to avoid burnout. "Remember that leadership is a marathon "and not a sprint. "You have to pace yourself." And I've certainly have done that well I just looked this morning at last count I've attempted to go to 5,008 houses in the last month and a 1/2 and I've actually connected with 2,268 people on your doorsteps and many of you I know have been so gracious to visit with me.

 Also hundreds of telephone calls and other ways of connecting via social media and by my web page. I wanted to encourage you if you have any last minute questions the last few days to call me on my personal cell that's a number that I give out to each and every person that I visit with that's 801 330 0380.

 That's 801-330-0380. It's been such a great time visiting with everyone and getting to know you. And I certainly look forward to the task ahead of us. 

And moving forward. So once again thanks again don't forget to vote on Tuesday. Have a great day and God bless you. Bub-bye.

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I received the 100% scorecard from the Utah Taxpayers Association this year as being a friend of the taxpayer. And remember previous video, we talked about when, using the apple, anything that you tax, you get less of. So if you think of an apple, and if you're taxing way too many things, you're just gonna get less of that apple, and before you know it, you're not gonna have any money or any apple in your pocket to eat at the end of the day. We do need to have taxes for things like infrastructure, education, and safety, but other than that, anything you tax, you get less of. And I also received the Business Champion Award for being a champion in business. 

And finally, the last thing, this is not me, this is a Lladro that I received from my father as a gift, but as a physician, and the only physician in the Senate, with my stethoscope on, letting you know that, I am very, very happy to be able to take my role and my understanding of being a physician and combine that with everything else in serving our state well. I'm very excited to be on the Opioid Task Force with our legislature this year, and I hope to do the same thing again next year. 

So once again, Brian Zehnder, the things that I've accomplished, hopefully that'll give you confidence to vote for me in this upcoming race. 

Thanks again for tuning in, take care. I approve of this message, bye bye.

Senator Zehnder & Help For Suicide Risk


Hi, this is Brian Zehnder, your current Utah State Senator for District 8 I'm gonna give you an update briefly on suicide prevention and treatment. Very soon, we will have a three digit number, like we have for 911, where if you have a loved one or someone that you know that may be committing suicide in the near future, you can get them the help that they need. There are five things that can be done to help prevent suicide, five steps. 

Number one, ask. Simply ask someone, are you thinking of hurting yourself, because I see that you are not quite yourself. So asking someone. Number two, keep them safe. Try to put time and distance between the person and their method of hurting themselves. So keeping them safe during that very, very difficult at risk season for them. Number three, be there. Connecting with them is really important. A lot of suicide and loneliness are interconnected and so being there for them and during this difficult season can be really helpful. 

Number four, help them to connect. Again, very soon, we'll have a three digit number that could help. There's also the SafeUT app. And you can also call 1-800-273-TALK to help someone connect. And finally, follow up. If they've gotten through a very, very difficult season, send them a post card, give them a call, go out for a bagel or a cup of hot chocolate, just to connect with them and to help them with whatever situation that they are struggling with. 

Again, there will be a three digit number coming your way soon. It's working its way through the federal government and that will be one additional thing that we can be doing to help those that are currently at risk. 

Thanks for tuning in. Until next time, this is Brian Zehnder. 

And have a wonderful day. Take care, bye bye.

Important Voting Deadlines


Good morning, Brian Zehnder here, current Utah state senator. Want to give you three important dates to remember regarding voting for the primary election. Today, June 19th is the last day to register to vote online or in person before the primary election. You have until June 22nd for early voting. 

And remember finally that your ballot must be postmarked by June 25th in order for it to count for the primary election. It's just been so much fun getting to know each and every one of you on your doorsteps, on the phone, and in person. If you have any questions, you can get on vote.utah.gov, that's vote.utah.gov. 

Have a wonderful day. This is Brian Zehnder and I approve of this message. 

Take care, bye bye.

Senator Zehnder is a Family Guy


- [Brian] Well-a good evening everyone. This is Brian Zehnder, I'm with the Deerings, Aubrey and Matthew

- [Matthew] Say hi?

- [Brian] And who do we have here, what's your name?

- [Braxton] Hi, Braxton, Hi.

- [Brian] Yeah, and what's your name young lady?

- [Matthew] What's your name honey?

- [Madea] Um, Madea.

- [Brian] Okay and this is Dr. Brian Zehnder, Brian Zehnder, we're near the end of the day today and I wanted to stop by and say hi and you said by the way. What did you say?

- [Matthew] I did say I've all ready voted.

- [Brian] Okay and...

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Senator Zehnder & Poverty


Hi, this is Brian, your current Utah State Senator. I wanna talk with you about an article I read today in the Deseret News, which was very encouraging. It talks about less government and more care. Poverty is an issue that does plague certain parts of society and Utah is not immune to that. In order to deal with this problem, we do need to focus on people and a commitment to improve programs.

 I do believe that there is a Utah way without using big government. Abraham Lincoln said, and I quote, "the purpose of government is to elevate the condition "of men to live artificial weights from all shoulders, "to clear the paths of laudable pursuit for all, "to afford all an unfettered start "and a fair chance in the race of life." I'm so encouraged that I was able to help start a non-profit that helped people who were struggling with their health avoid going to emergency room and spending thousands of tax payer dollars in getting some basic care, close to home, by cutting out the insurance middle man. 

Those are some creative ways that we can help those who are struggling in poverty and struggling with their health. You know, human beings with infinite potential, who find themselves struggling in poverty deserve to have the best efforts from neighbors, business men, law makers and others, so they can get out of difficult situations that they're struggling and be productive. So thank you for tuning in.

 This is Brian Zehnder. Until next time, take care, bye bye.

Senator Zehnder & Housing


Hi this is Brian Zehnder, your current Utah state senator. You know sometimes there are good problems to have and sometimes there are just problems to have. And with the growth in Utah, over the next 30 years, it's going to be more and more difficult for people to find an affordable house. That's just the reality of what's happening with our great state, the secret has gotten out. Clark Ivory, the president and CEO of Utah's largest home builder does say housing affordability is the key to economic development. And so having a difficult time getting a house is probably not a surprise for many of you. Housing prices are now currently exceeding the growth in people's incomes, so it's becoming more and more difficult for people to find an affordable house. What are some of the solutions? 

Some of the ideas come include a greater mix of housing types in neighborhoods, the use of accessory dwelling units in some homes, avoiding large-lot zoning, exercising restraint in impact and permit fee increases, and increasing the use of public transportation. One idea, and I love innovation, this comes from the University of Utah and they're coming up with a new initiative to address the housing affordability. It's called Design and Build Salt Lake.

 Students are actually taking a plot of land, measuring about 20,000 square feet, and they're dividing it up into three lots and they're coming up with some design ideas to make it much more affordable and more cost efficient and more energy efficient. They'll be building three 1500 square foot single family residences on a vacant lot in West Salt Lake. "It's an important partnership that will encourage "the next generation of housing innovations," says Todd Reader. 

They're taking small and odd-shaped lots from the city inventory and coming up with housing solutions, and that's not only going to improve the access to housing opportunities, but it will also advance design standards in the community. So there are some neat ideas that are coming our way. There are a lot of things to be thinking about. I'd love to hear your ideas on what should be done. So please send me an email or comment on this post today. 

So thanks again for tuning in. This is Brian Zehnder. Have a wonderful day, take care, bye bye.


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