• Conservative Leadership in Senate District 8

Brian K. Zehnder, MD - Utah State Senate - District 8 - delegate

Liz Zetner - Delegate

"I have been very impressed with the job Sen. Zehnder has done in his short two months in office. He is a very educated, informed, humble and kind man and I am so happy to have him represent me as my senator. It has been especially helpful to have his expertise as a physician in the Senate and I am glad he was able to contribute to the expansion of Medicaid and for the yes votes he took on many other bills that I favored personally. Thank you for your service, Brian, and may you be elected again!"

Liz Zetner

Marc Babitz - Endorsement


"Thank you Senator Zehnder! I have been a regular attendee at the legislature for over a decade, and I want to compliment your work in this new role on several levels, and I am very proud that you are "my" Senator in replacing Dr. Shiozawa. First, you were thoughtful, careful and compassionate in your handling of difficult issues while being fiscally responsible. Second, your expertise in the area of health care and health policy were evident and quite valuable. Third, I greatly appreciated your regular communications to your constituency, the "video house calls" and other messages. Finally, thank you for being open to hearing the concerns of your constituents, knowing that may sometimes be conflicting, but being willing to represent those concerns to our legislature (even if it was not the most popular comments to be shared)."
Marc Babitz
Deputy Director at Utah Department of Health, Delegate

Micheal Barth - Endorsement

"If you ask most people who their State Senator or Representative is, you'll get blank stares. If all legislators were like Brian, that would never happen. Brian is so pro-active in reaching out to his constituents to make sure he is representing their best interests, you would have to live under a rock to not know that Brian Zehnder is your senator."

Michael Barth

Randy Thomas - Endorsement


"I really appreciate Senator Zehnder's willingness to listen and learn to issues. His service to our community is admirable. Keep up the GREAT WORK!"
Randy Thomas
Unified Police Department of Greater Salt Lake, Delegate


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