• Conservative Leadership in Senate District 8
Hello, my name is David Damschen and it is my honor to serve you as Utah State Treasurer. Greetings to my friends in Utah Senate District 8. I'd like to talk to you for a moment about Senator Brian Zehnder. We need this remarkable public servant in the Utah Senate. 

David Damschen
Utah State Treasurer.

Let me give you three simple reasons why: 
First, Senator Zehnder is a true statesman. He will represent his district with the utmost of accessibility, diligence, and professionalism. You might know that, shortly after Brian was appointed to his office, a Utah politician targeted him with a classless criticism of his professionalism and his faith. Many of us, myself included, might have responded with a harsh reply, but not Senator Zehnder. 
Brian simply affirmed his own faith and said that, "You will know me by my love for others. "And that means everyone that I meet, "friends, enemies, people that love God, "people that don't love God.
"That's how I'll respond." And he went on to say, "I'm grateful to live in a state "that has such reverence for religious freedom "and I have no interest in attacking anyone for their opinions, right or wrong." This is one of the most incredible demonstrations of professionalism, class, and diplomacy that I have ever seen. In these times of polarization, tribalism, and deteriorating public civility, Senator Zehnder exemplifies the statesmanship that we should expect from all of our elected officials.
Number two, Senator Zehnder is a compassionate conservative. In a district that is marked by great diversity, Brian has proven that he will work diligently with all of his colleagues in the Utah Legislature to solve the most pressing problems of our day. He is a true compassionate conservative. Number three, to state the ridiculously obvious, he's a doctor. In fact, he's the only medical doctor in the Utah Senate. Let's take inventory of some of the biggest policy challenges that we're faced with today. The opioid epidemic, legalization of medical cannabis, depression and suicide, entitlements and finding the right balance and limits to medicaid expansion. 
I mean no offense to my good friends in the Utah Legislature that hail from the legal profession, real estate, banking, insurance, and other professional backgrounds. But we have strong representation in our legislature from these various disciplines, we just don't have very many doctors in the Utah Legislature. In an era of growing societal problems related to health care we need strong representation from the medical field. Senator Zehnder, Dr. Zehnder, is just what the doctor ordered to ensure we have the necessary vision and perspective in our legislature to solve these very complex problems.
Senator Brian Zehnder, a statesman, a compassionate conservative, and a seasoned medical professional. We need Brian in the Utah Senate. My friends in Senate District 8, I encourage you to vote for Brian Zehnder. Thank you.


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