• Conservative Leadership in Senate District 8

"This is Murray City Mayor Blair Camp. I'm proud to be endorsing Dr. Brian Zehnder for reelection in Senate District 8. I really appreciate the way in which Senator Zehnder represented the citizens of Murray City in this past legislative session.
Brian was accessible, responsive, and he worked hard for the interest of our citizens. Although I didn't know Dr. Zehnder before his election to the Senate last year, I now consider him a friend and advocate. I encourage all Murray residents in Senate District 8 to vote to reelect Senator Brian Zehnder."

Mayor Blair Camp
Murray Utah

“Senator Brian Zehnder has stepped in and done a wonderful job in the Utah State Senate this year. He is very thorough and thoughtful. He brings a great deal of expertise in the medical fields and he also brings a good dose of common sense. It has been a pleasure to work with him and I look forward to serving with him in the future. He cares deeply about the constituents in his senate district and represents them very well.”
Evan Vickers
Utah State Senator - District 28

“Senator Zehnder really hit the ground running in January. He is a fabulous Senator and made an immediate impact in the legislature. He is well liked and has a bright future in Utah.”
Todd Weiler
Utah State Senator - District 23

"Senator Brian Zehnder is not only a wonderful physician and loving husband and father, he represents his district with integrity in all ways! He listens to his constituents and considers their viewpoints as he votes in the Senate. He is committed to work hard and brings all his knowledge and expertise to the Senate. No one else could represent the district better!"

Ann Millner
Utah Senator - District 18

“Senator Zehnder has proven himself to be an effective leader in just a short amount of time. His focus on limiting government, reducing regulations and increasing funding for education while cutting income taxes has helped keep Utah one of the strongest economies in the country. District 8 has been well-served by Senator Zehnder. Please join me in supporting his re-election campaign.”
Wayne Niederhauser
President of the Utah Senate

"Senator Zehnder hit the ground running and has represented his district very effectively. He has my enthusiastic support"
Curt Bramble
Utah State Senator - District 16

"Brian Zehnder was a pleasant and surprising addition to the Senate. He listened, studied, investigated, understood and then became a strong voice for his district. He made a positive impact in the Senate."
Wayne Harper
Utah State Senator - District 6

"It has been my pleasure to work closely with Sen. Zehnder this past session of the Utah Legislature. He is a quick learner and made an immediate impact on our work. With the upcoming changes that will occur in our body with the next election by members who have decided not to run, Sen. Zehnder will quickly grow into leadership. I strongly recommend him for the Western Legislative Academy. He is a sure winner."
Lyle W. Hillyard
Utah State Senator - District 25


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